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Hey Guys,

i think it's time for me to sell my car. I don't really want to, but i dont have the money to get it up and running. Dont have any pictures atm, but I'd be more then happy to take some if i can find an interested party.


I have a box full of new front end bushings just never got around to getting them installed. Tthe body is pretty straight, there is a dent in the rear driver side panel, just behind the tail light.

Very little rust.

The vinyl top has been mostly peeled, a lot of glue residue left.

Interior is decent...the carpet need to be replaced, the seats could use some TLC as well.

I dont really want to get rid of the car, but i dont have the money to put into it.

I know it's one of the cars no one wants because it's not a "muscle" or "sports" car, but well, if your an oddball like me, then you may see the potential.

I might be able to scrounge up a 351w that you can take with the car as well as the ORIGINAL FMX transmission.

If your interested, either post on this thread, send me a pM or email me at rottenstock[@]

Thanks guys.
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