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I have a performance AODE Transmission from a 1995 GT. Has 3k on it since the performance rebuild. I purchased this 95 GT with this transmission and a 347 stroker last year from a guy in NJ who builds 2 performance mustangs a year. I just bought a 95 GT rolling chassis with a manual shift for the 347 stroker so I am selling my worked AODE. I ask the previous owner to describe the work he had done on the transmission to me so I can advertise it for sale. The following is his reply to me on what was done:

It is an AODE. It is a Fairbanks shift kit which works very well in the AODE. The clutches are all Kevlar and the torque converter is a 2600 RPM Edge brand converter. The place that did the rebuild is Attrex transmission in Turnersville NJ. The person who did the rebuild died last January. He died of a massive heart attack while on vacation in Naples Florida at the age of 51. That is a very special transmission as it was the last one he did for me and my friends. To date I have not found another transmission builder that could match his skills. In fact it has been so hard to find anyone good I have started to do them myself. I rebuilt the AOD in my 91' notch a few weeks ago and it kicks butt. I picked up on allot watching Billy do my transmissions. If I had a vehicle that needed an AODE I would buy that transmission in a heart beat. Honestly that transmission is better than any TCI or Art Carr you can buy off the shelf.

This performance AODE comes with 2600 RPM Edge brand converter, new flex plate, and a section of the transmission wiring harness that has resistors spliced into it to make the transmission shift real fast.

If you’re interested please email me at [email protected] I will send pictures to you. I am located just outside of Phila. PA. I will deliver or meet you within 100 miles of Phila. for $30.00 plus any tolls if applicable.

Dane R. Marley
[email protected]
610-896-0217 - home
610-299-6360 - cell
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