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438W with Mass Air Flow EFI made 520rwhp and 457ftlbs through a C4 Trans with reverse manual Valve body, 3800 stall, and 411 gears in a 68 Mustang.

SVO block 4BOLT MAIN on all 5 caps splayed.
Scat H beam Rods with ARP 2k bolts.
Mahle forged pistons 11.35:1 compression.
Scat Forged Crank.
Total seal rings.
Clevite Bearings.
Super Victor Intake
Comps Cam Billet Xr292r on 112 LSA.
AFR 220 Heads.
Manley springs.
Comp cams Ultra pro magnum rockers.
Isky Bushed Lifters.
Mass air flow efi with Eddy high flow elbow, Accufab 90mm TB
80lb injectors.

C4 Trans
3800 stall
410 gears.

All on 93 octane. Car is e85 compatible for future Paxton install.


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Yes in a way the efi setup would be best for just about everything except in some very small cases and depending on engine configuration. IE Chevy big blocks built for drag. So why do people do it other then cost. Well it’s simple to install, it requires no ecu, it drastically cuts down on wiring complexity and more likely it’s more original and they like it that way. I am not kidding about the wiring I have built motors with maybe 10 total Speed Test wires with a carb they are really easy to do.
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