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I just got a great deal on some Honeywell 0-15 psig stainless steel body sensors with 1-5 volt output but I had to buy a whole lot of them . They are from a R&D lab and have been tested out OK. Perfect for datalogging and just about essential for nitrous use. They'll work with the LM-1 data logger and any data logger that uses 5 volt input and will work with autometer electric fiel pressure gauges . These sensors retail at almost $170 new. They have 1/8 NPT fittings and are 3 wire hookup. I bought 5 . I only need one . $35 gets one to your door. The honeywell part number is SPT 4V 0015 PG 4W 06 and I have the data sheet on a PDF file. email me at [email protected] if you are interested and I can send a copy of the spec sheet.
438" Dart Windsor, AFR 225 heads, 271/[email protected]" on 106 solid roller, 13:1 compression, Super Victor, crank trigger, 1050 Dominator, external oiling, reverse manual C4, 4000 stall, 4.10 Dana 60, Nitrous. Street '68 Cougar. 9.967 at 134 MPH! 1.44 60 ft

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