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Two weeks ago I found out my dad had picked up a 63 G-code Galaxie a few months back and was trying to hide it from me. I had been pushing him to sell off some other projects so we could finish the Thunderbolt replica he's had for 20+ years, and I thought it was working. Then two weeks ago while he was back at Bristol for the Cup race with my brother, several large boxes from Ecklers showed up on the porch at his house. When I opened the packing list I was shocked to see a full interior kit for a 63 XL. Needless to say he was busted and he took me to see the car as soon as he got back. He had bought the car without motor/trans, but got a great deal on it and we had a correct trans sitting in the garage already.

His plan was to just drop another FE in it to get it on the road, and have someone drive it to my shop to have suspension work done and suprise me with it. But within a few day of me finding out about it, I had already tracked down a 63 406 engine for it, which we quickly bought, and he got a great deal on a tri-power he found. So now it will have a correct engine in it within the next few weeks.

So now I'm in full Galaxie mode. I've been looking for more parts, doing tons of research on the 406 cars, and lusting after pictures of other cars online.

Well, now I'm picking up a Galaxie of my own next week. By next weekend I'll have my own 63 1/2 Fastback 390 to put next to his. I'll have pictures and details when I get it back, but I'm finally a Galaxie owner.
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