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gasket thickness

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i am switching from 54cc 1966 heads to worked e7's with .030 milled off.the head porter says i will only lose a LITTLE compression-i dont want to lose any -has anybody got opinions on super thin gaskets or taking off .040 or both.i also want to use 1.7 comp cam roller tip rockers. i have not purchused heads yet so suggest away! my dream is 12.99 @sea level uncorrected with no power adder .3200# stick car on street tires-also my budget for heads/rockers/gaskets is $1000.00 USD.
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What kind of quench clearance would be safe for a zero decked motor? I understand that there are a lot of veriables such as rpm, piston material etc. (I am assuming tankeryanker has a block with zero deck but I could be wrong)

For his setup would something as thin as .027 be safe?
I am interested it the answer as I have a 289 that I want to use super thin gaskets on.
I have ran a stock Fel-Pro gasket which measures .042 (I think) and had the piston out of the block .020 to boost the compression. Made a difference of about .15 or so in the 1/8 mile but it would also keep the carbon off of the flat side part of the piston. Never gave a problem so I say .027 would be fine............My opinion only though!!!!!!!! Then again, I don't mind working on it............ I just want to be first to the Finish Line.........................................
thank you for thoughtful feedback and not nonesense-now i am invetigating .016 copper gaskets ,are copper gaskets asking for trouble in a daily driver
Ive had them leak into the coolant without an O ring. Doesnt happen to everyone but it sure happened to me. Pulled them out and replaced them felpro . problem went away.
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