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Hey everybody, coming back to the board finally. Turns out having a bum left knee and converting to a stick isn't the way to go. Ended up getting a good deal on a Jeep (I know, I know) Cherokee automatic, and that is now my daily driver.
Anyway, the cougar's been sitting for a while, but I 'm ready to start driving it again. Before I stopped driving it, it had been very difficult to turn at low speeds and I think it was my caster and camber. I had the alignment set to -.75 camber, +4 caster, and 1/8 toe in. Suspension is 1" drop and 620 springs, Flaming River manual rack, and 225/50/16 rubber. I'm going to get some new tires and get it aligned tomorrow.

Second issue was the motor would sometimes run-on. I dropped two ranges colder on the plugs, and have played with the timing, no help. Idles at 600, going to check for vacuum leaks and try recurving the MSD distributor if needed. Also, I was looking through my MSD 6AL stuff and noticed a diode for use in helping run on. I have a PA Performance 3G alternator, should I try installing it??

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