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Gone through 3 Ignition Coils!

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First coil was an MSD Blaster 2, which I admittedly mistakenly put on 12V, bypassing the resistor wire. This lasted only a week.

Second coil, also an MSD Blaster 2, I used the resistor wire and this lasted over a year. When it went bad, I assumed it was due to the extreme heat here in Dubai and it lasted as long as it could.

Third coil was a Pertronix Flamethrower. As per the instructions, this coil was run on full 12V. Less than a month later, this coil decided to go south, too.

Both times I ran a coil on 12V, they didn't last long. The Blaster 2 coil was a mistake and I get that it shouldn't have been run on 12V. But the Flamethrower, I didn't expect that to go so quickly.

I measured 12.7 volts at the wire going to the + side of the coil (coil disconnected). Location of the coil is the stock mounting on the intake manifold, next to the distributor.

Car is a 65 Galaxie, FE 352, Pertronix (1) ignition module. Any ideas on what could cause this coil to go bad so quickly? Any suggestions on a coil brand I should try?

How about those solid state coils? Can I run those?
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Double check what the instructions said with the Pertronix coil.
Pretty sure it should use a resistor for the coil, but 12v to the Pertronix module at the distributor.

Yup, I double checked the instructions for the Flamethrower coil. I made sure before installing since my experience with the MSD Blaster 2 coil.

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Plug gap is stock, wires are just a year old but I'll check the resistance.

Cap and rotor are still like new after 6 months use.

Like you mentioned, it's possibly the heat since its mounted on the intake manifold. I guess these coils are not designed for the extreme heat here in the desert.

I'll try ordering another Flamethrower coil and mount it on the inner fender. Let's see how much longer it lasts.

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Check wires and all fall within spec. I relocated the coil to the inner fender. Let's see if this works and make it last longer. :)

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I didn't change anything until I had the Blaster 2 coil fail again. I had that coil on the resistor wire.

I then went with a Flamethrower which in the instructions, clearly states to use 12v, no resistor. That failed in a month.

I am currently using a Delco coil which came with the car, using the resistor wire. It's been my back up coil ever since.

I've move the coil from the manifold to the inner fender, mounted upright.

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Too true. I've been trying to upload a photo to no avail with the mobile app. Anyway, coil is in a cool area now sitting upright. Hopefully my new coil (when it arrives) will last. :)

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My guess is that laying down on the intake took them out due to heat and vibration.

It's hard for people to realize how much different desert heat is compared to a 100 degree day somewhere else. I didn't realize it until I was stationed in Nevada for 3 years. It's a different animal.
Here are photos of the new coil location.

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Double checked all grounds and retightened them.

I now have my new extreme duty Vertex Ignition coil. Let's see how this goes.

Thanks for the replies!

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