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Gone through 3 Ignition Coils!

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First coil was an MSD Blaster 2, which I admittedly mistakenly put on 12V, bypassing the resistor wire. This lasted only a week.

Second coil, also an MSD Blaster 2, I used the resistor wire and this lasted over a year. When it went bad, I assumed it was due to the extreme heat here in Dubai and it lasted as long as it could.

Third coil was a Pertronix Flamethrower. As per the instructions, this coil was run on full 12V. Less than a month later, this coil decided to go south, too.

Both times I ran a coil on 12V, they didn't last long. The Blaster 2 coil was a mistake and I get that it shouldn't have been run on 12V. But the Flamethrower, I didn't expect that to go so quickly.

I measured 12.7 volts at the wire going to the + side of the coil (coil disconnected). Location of the coil is the stock mounting on the intake manifold, next to the distributor.

Car is a 65 Galaxie, FE 352, Pertronix (1) ignition module. Any ideas on what could cause this coil to go bad so quickly? Any suggestions on a coil brand I should try?

How about those solid state coils? Can I run those?
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Make sure you have a good engine to chassis ground too.
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