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After 3 weeks of having my car tore apart, I finally got it put back together. They ran a special bracket race this weekend, which basically amounted to double the amount of payout in all the classes.

Last year was my first year running Top ET (delay box class). I got r-up twice, finished 5th in the points, but never won a race. Well I solved that problem saturday night.

I did manage to lose the runoff at the end of the night though. They run the Mod (no box) winner against the Top winner for $500 winner take all. I had a .514 light to his .517, I ran 6.387 on a 6.38, he ran 5.833 on a 5.83 dial. Needless to say, it was close!

The car ran real weel too. The fastest pass of the weekend was 6.35 @ 106.9 mph. During elims it never varied more than .01. I also managed to go 5 rounds in sundays race before the traction, or lack of, got the best of me. 60' times were alittle slower than last year, with the best this weekend being a 1.367, and the norm being around a high 1.37, to a low 1.38. I think the soft sidewall tires might be part of that.
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