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My 331 experienced rod and main bearing damage back in June due most likely to oil starvation while on a road course. So the engine is out and in the process of being repaired. One of the upgrades that I have planned is 1.7 rockers. For a few hundred more than a new set of 1.7 full roller rockers, the Probe shaft mount rockers can be I thought why not! Other upgrades include beehive springs (to handle the increased lift and 'cause I hear a lot of good things about them) and a single plane manifold.

Mocked them up so I could take a few pics of my purdy new Probe shaft mount 1.7 rockers. Thanks to Woddy1 at who got me a great price. The back of them looks like they will be close to the inside of the valve cover. I may have to bevel the back corners just a bit...first I gotta get the height set with shims.


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