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Gotta love overdrive!

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Man this whole overdrive thing is a blast! Cruisin at 60mph, 2000 rpm is just awesome!
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On 2006-05-08 09:49, Motorhead wrote:
FE: is that a trick question? Every engine that has ever existed and ever will, the HP and TQ cross at exactly 5250rpm. And so if he's going 60 at 2000rpm, he'll be going exactly 157.5MPH at 5250 in OD (well, will probably run out of power well before 157mph, but theoretically).

'86 Bronco fullsize, 460, E4OD
'85 Ranger, 340hp 289, T5

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Who told you that??
I've seen diesels that cross at much lower speeds than 5252!!
And I've seen a racing rotary engine that its peaks never even crossed.....way above 5252!!
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