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Granada discs and spindles

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Just wondered if anyone knew what these are going for nowdays in decent condition? Thanks!
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I picked up a set of 72 Mustang spindles and calipers for 50 Canuck bucks but they are rusty as heck right off the car and I pulled them. I think the yard had a few Granada's last year when was there. Ebay has them quite often. Upto 100 is reasonable IMO if they are clean. Stu
I don't know if your buying or selling but the condition of the rotors and calipers(if included) would make a fair difference in price IMHO.
I got all my granada stuff for 75 bucks cash. IMO, dont even worry about the rotors and calipers... just buy new replaacement parts off the shelf at an auto store. I put all mine together for another 120 bucks.
So, for less than 200 cdn I had disc brakes.
Sold mine on ebay last year for US$220.

2 spindles with backing plates, 2 reman calipers (used 2 years) and new brake lines.

Packaged it all in one box and shipped it to the guy in Cali for another US$60.00.

Thanks guys! I have a set to i will have to list them and maybe put em on ebay
I agree with Thordane but the calipers are good to get if you need cores for the reman units. I grabbed the prop valve for another 5 bucks to have the matched set. I got the works including the old rotors which are shot anyway. Stu
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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