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Gvwr of LTD

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I just bought a 1970 TLD 4dr w/ a 390 in it. I was wondering... how much does this thing weigh anyways, I've looked at the door sticker (what's left of it) and I can't make it out. I'm geussing around 4000+??? This car's in prestine condition and always garaged, and may be put up for sale soon (after just buying it) b/c of gas prices and milage of this car.
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well as an owner of a 69 galaxie (pretty similar) i would bet 4000lb or more. never weighed mine but they are heavy.

p.s. 69/70 aren't to popular yet but they grow on you. look a little like a dodge charger as they were produced as competition for them. don't know abut 426 hemi's (lots of respect from me for those) but spanked a few 383 magnums pretty hard 25 yrs ago.

anyway enough rambling on my part. run the ltd across a grain elevator scales to be sure. or the weigh boys my help you out if they're in the mood.

69 galaxie xl 429 tj fastbask console.
i had my 68 Galaxie Convertible w/390 C6 and it was 4200 with me in it
OK, what about a coupe, same year, i just came across it and i've been told i can buy it, it's got a built 390 in it as well, would around 3900 be about right?
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