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I just had a blast with my F-150 yesterday. My throw out bearing started going out at only 9300 miles of use. I was pissed off, I though I must have got a bad bearing. Well, I had to pull the tranny off. Found the problem, it all stemmed from my bad motor mounts. I let my motor mounts go WAYYYY too long. They were both in two pieces, flopping around. Well, what that caused was it broke both bolts in the tranny mount. And since the tranny could flop around too, it made every bolt on the tranny (not the bell housing) get loose. Lost 2 bolts from it, and the other two I could take out by hand. That is what killed the throw out bearing, because it was making it hit the pressure plate at an angle. So, while dropping my tranny, it flopped over on it's side, when I pushed it to straighten it, it squished my ring finger on my left hand against the concrete.
I cussed up a storm and came out from under my truck, and cussed some more.
I ALMOST broke it, and I almost lost the nail too (still have 1/4 of the nail attached to good skin). But I finished up in the morning, and now it shifts and runs SOOO much better!
Just for you guys that think "I'll do it tomorrow!", DON'T. This is the kind of thing that happens when you keep saying that.

Tom "Mr.BooMY" McDill
1987 Ford F-150 XLT Lariat Supercab
300 Cu. In. Straight Six
4 Speed Manual (Including O/D)
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