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Hard starting 5 liter

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Hey guys, My 92 GT does NOT like to start soon after I turn it off. When the car is cold (haven't started in a hour or so) it starts, runs, drives just fine. But, if I turn it off after a drive and then try to re start it, it usually is hard starting but does start and then runs normal. Then, if I turn it off for a second time after another short drive (like running errands) It WILL NOT start unless I let it sit for 15 minutes or more. When it won't start, it cranks like crazy and I can smell fuel. I have a few ideas, but I'm wondering what you all think. Please throw in your 2 cents.
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just had a similar situation with my 90 lx 5.0. after driving it all day in traffic. from about 9am till 1pm, I got to my destination only to have it not start. thought it was the fuel pump since it's the original and has 180 thou on it, stayed overnight, (luckily I was at a hotel) had the car towed home and after dumping $90 for the tow, the car started right up like nothing happened. Gonna swap out the original fuel pump for the 190 lph anyway, but a good rule is to carry a spare module during the warmer months. just in case.
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