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Have to Removing Hood to Remove Fender?

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I've got to remove the passenger side fender to access the heater core connections on my factory AC 68 (bad hose). It looks like I'll have to remove the hood to get the fender off. I'm assuming that removing the hood is a two man job, but before I called in a favor with a buddy I thought I'd see if there were any tricks to get the hood off with one guy.

Or, is it possible to unbolt the passenger side hood hinge without removing the hood in order to get the fender off?
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I would consider it a two person job but maybe others will have a workaround. I will say I've heard people suggest drilling a small (1/16"-1/8") hole through the bracket and into the channel in the hood on both sides, to allow you to get it back in the right location. I'm not familiar with the '68s. I'm assuming the hinges bolt to a hollow rib of sorts and not directly to the outer surface. Not recommending you drill through the outer hood surface of course!

I didn't have to remove the hood when I removed the fender on my 67 to do the heater core. Theres like 5-6 bolts on the inner splash shield that you'll have to take off, as well as some more bolts on the front end connecting it to the rad support. should come off pretty cleanely
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Thanks for the help guys. For the record, the 68 does require you remove the passenger side hood hinge to get the fender off (see photo).

So far the bolt count is as follows:

1 bolt - inside passenger side front door well near upper door hinge
1 bolt - bottom of passenger side rocker panel
1 bolt - hood bumper
2 bolts - firewall (right below and perpendicular to hood bumper bolt)
3 bolts - hood hinge
2 bolts - passenger side rad support, top
1 bolt - lower front fender brace (angle brace)
2 bolts - upper inner fender (one seen in photo below)
7 bolts - inner fender (1 bottom of passenger side rocker panel, 6 around wheel)

Have I missed any? I guess I'll find out if I have!
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