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I put together a photo of 3 different SBF head gaskets. The 9333-PT is a stock gasket. I ran the 1011-2's on my last assembly. They have compressed wires around the cylinders and are a printoseal gasket. My heads call for either the 1011-2's or the 1031's. The 1031 is a "SVO" gasket, has a left and right hand part number and also has a compressed wire around the cylinders. The obvious difference although minor between the heads is with the coolant and steam holes.

I plan to stay with the 1011-2's since they compress to .039 and are a smaller circumference than the 1031's. I've had a problem with coolant temp flaring up on the track. Fortunately we get a cool down cycle but I'm planning to hit the streets some when/if I ever finally get this thrash on the car done.

I would be interested if anybody else has modified your head gaskets because of coolant flow issues. I would also like to understand just exactly how the coolant flows in and out of the heads. I'm planning to drill out the 1011's likethe 1031's. I don't think I can mess up doing that.

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