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head question

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I am going to be dissasembling a motor I would like to toy with a budget in mind.

I would like to deck the heads a litte (I will shave the intake if I need to) to help with compression. Yet these heads are the non-adjustable positive stop rocker kind. (where it uses a shouldered stud to run the rocker down to, then torque to 17-23 ft/lbs.)

If I deck the heads, do I need to get different pushrods? Remember, without putting screw-in studs I cant adjust the rockers, as they are non-adjustable. Or could a guy just try and shim the bottom of the rocker, with a shim that is the same thickness as the amount of head deck that was removed?
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Since you are milling the heads you are in effect making the pushrods longer.This means if you snug the rocker nuts down to the shoulder the preload will probably be too tight.You can back the nuts off to the proper preload and then use a jam nut or a set of posi locks to keep the adjustment set properly.

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Yep what he said ,works fine.
cool, thanks guys I appreciate the help.
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