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Hello Everyone!

My head is spinning from trying to figure out a couple of things, hoping someone here could shed some light!
First, is there any webpage or source that could give me the rim size and bolt pattern used on a 1970 and what other years would work? I have a 1970 ltd, and I need a spare tire and rim. Guys at the salvage yards said they didn't have anything that would fit, I was hoping there might be another year that would fit 1970.
Second, I've got a crack in my exhaust manifold, and am looking to upgrade those. The rest of my exhaust is in excellent shape, would I still be able to use my current exhaust if I go with shorty headers? I am having trouble finding shorty headers that would fit a 1970 ltd with a 302. From what I have read, the only company seems to be FPA, but when I went to their website, the had nothing listed for the 302, would the 351 FPA headers fit?
Hooker shorty headers are only listed for 1986 and up. Is it possible to fit them? I've heard not so great things about BBK, so I am trying to stay away from them. Hedmann had nothing for the galaxie or ltd listed, would the mustang/fairlane shorties fit on the ltd?
What other companies should I be looking into? There seem to be so many out there.
I fixed the electrical problem with my dash, and just got done with the brakes, once I get the manifold replaced, she'll be good to go!
Thanks for the info and help!

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