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Hello and good morning all!

First off hello and hope this morning serves everyone well!

I just snagged up a GREAT deal on a BEAUTIFUL 1988 LX yesterday. Curious as to what you guys think she will hit on the dyno as far as HP and TQ and also what you think she would run in the 1/8 and 1/4. I will update post with results as I am hitting a dyno later this week for a tune and then the strip for a test and tune on Thursday night. Anyways here is the build sheet, let me know what you think....

88 LX
Weight: 2925
Engine: 306 CI
Rotating Assembly: Forged, balanced Eagle H-Beam rods, crank, forged JE domed 10.3:1 pistons
Heads: Trick Flow twisted wedge with pro port job, stainless Ferea valves, Comp Cams valve springs, 1.6 FMS roller rockers, Trick Flow pushrods
Intake: Trick Flow pro ported upper / lower
Cam: Comp Cams Extreme Energy XE282 - lift .565 Intake. .574 exhaust @ .50 .232 Intake .240 Exhaust
Exhaust: BBK 1 5/8 Long Tubes, 2 1/2 BBK H-Pipe. dumped at axle
Ignition: MSD Digital 6AL, MSD Wires, Cap, Rotor, Coil
Cooling: Griffin 4 core aluminum radiator, Black Magic electric fan
FMS 24# Injectors
FMS Timing Set
FMS High Volume Oil Pump
FMS Hardened Oil Pump Shaft
Romac SFI Harmonic Balancer
Canton 7qt Oil Pan
Aluminum Underdrive Pulleys
BBK 70mm Throttle Body with BBK CAI
Pro-M 77mm Mass Air
Upper EGR Delete Plate
ARP Bolts Throughtout Build
Power steering pump deleted, AC compressor deleted

Transmission: Tremec TKO T-5 with Stage 2 King Cobra. Clutch and FMS Aluminum Drive Shaft

Electronics: A9L processor, tuned at local shop

Tires: Front Weld Draglites 15x3.5 with 165 radial tires
Rear Weld Draglites 15x8 with 28x11.5 ET Streets

Rear End: Auburn Pro with 4.30 Gears, 31 spline axles

Suspension: Lakewood 90/10, Lakewood 50/50, Eibach. Drag Spring Kit, air bag on Rear right tire with HPM Megabite LCA and Steeda UCA

Chassis: Welded torque boxes, welded HPM subframe connectors, FMS aluminium rear end girdle

1966 Galaxie
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Ok i will play.
Peak hp 425
Peak Tq 415

Nice ride cant wait to see what it rolls.

1/8 and 1/4 = you + car.

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Still waiting in line unfortunately where I go the only person who I trust enough to mess with my vehicles has had some MAJOR health issues arise in the past month so it might be a minute but I can say that it went 11.45 @ 125 on a GPS data logger. That was of course on the street, street tires, and spinning 50' + in 3rd and 25' in 4th.....

I will post more as soon as I can get in the shop....

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Doesn't matter how much power, it will be as fast as you can hook. I put up a number because knowone was, dynos are great for tuning and comparing parts but numbers they show are always in question.

The 1 5/8" headers are power killers over 400 hp, you can knock off 25 - 30hp over 1 3/4" headers. Best heads don't cut **** if there choked off.
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