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Hello all! Well i'm over 40...sigh. Married over 15 years...sigh. To a lady that hates cars....crap! Work in auto surplus/salvage yard field for 20 years.
Anyhow... My dad and I restored a RUSTY 67 fastback. Now we are working on restoring the motor, trans and rear in that order. He wants more HP.
I started on a blue 79 Notch with 65K 2.3 that's 90% rust free from Michigan. It was a barn find that's been sitting for about 30 years! Id like to go with a carbed 347 stroker
with T5 and 373 Wrapped with maybe performance blue or laser blue metallic. Looking for a used driveline

So ya that's my introduction and hope to meetup with some other ford fans in SE Michigan at some time.


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