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Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum and I need help.
I bought a 1961 Galaxie of craigslist a while back and I've been fixing it up.
I bought a replacement lower control arm (passenger) of ebay and got it all ready to put on the car (the old one was damaged). Since the old one was damaged it came off the car fairly easy, I tapped back one of the bolts that the left side bushing slides on, and the whole arm was able to be pulled out without doing the same to the bolt associated with the bushing on the its time to put the "new" one on and I have to get that bolt out of the way for the arm to line up, but it wont budge. It will rotate both clockwise and counter while a 1 1/8" socket is on it, but either the washers or spacers on the inside of the frame rotate with it, and it wont hammer out...My next step will be to heat those washers/spacers and try to loosen them if they are whats holding the bolt in place, but I wanted to post here first and see if anyone had experience with this and new something I'm missing.
Thanks, I'll try to get some pics up soon,
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