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Hi everyone,

66' Galaxie convertible with a 352 and cruisomatic. Can anyone explain the best way to do the motor and trans mounts on the street with some jack stands and a jack? My mounts are completely separated and I want to do the trans mount while I'm down there. I just need a quick walk through and in what order I need to do them in. Also, what nuts do I take off the motor mounts first? I want to make sure my fingers dont get taken off by the 352! Thanks!

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I don't think you'd find this too taxing...

1. Make sure you're on level ground!
2. Jack the car up and place on axle stands. You should only need to raise the front.
3. Crawl underneath the front of the car and locate the two 3/4" nuts that hold the motor mounts to the crossmember. Undo them and set them aside.
4. Using your jack, put a piece of timber on the pad and move the jack under the front of the car and line it up under the sump. Crank her up, and be extra cautious as you may find the bellhousing hits the trans tunnel, the fan the radiator, or worse, the engine becomes difficult to line up on the studs/holes when you bring it back down. Just bring the motor up enough to not hit anything else, and that you have room to remove the old motor mounts.
5. Using your freshly manicured hands, destroy them by scraping them on sharp bits and covering them with dirt and oil as you remove the three bolts holding the motor mounts to the engine block. You can bet that at least one of them will be very hard to get to, which may result in some minor bleeding.
6. Grab new mounts, do everything above backwards.

As for the trans mount... Make sure the engine mounts are done first, or at the very least, make sure the engine is secured properly.

1. Line up your trusty floor jack and support the back end of the transmission, just forward of the crossmember. Support - don't lift.
2. Undo the two bolts on the mount, and swear as you belt yourself in the face with your ratchet.
3. Jack up the transmission again by about an inch.
4. Grab a flat-bladed screwdriver (you might need it) and remove the transmission mount. You may need the screwdriver to pry it free from the transmission if it hangs up.
5. Taking your new mount, put it in, then bring the trans back down. You can wheel the jack away now.
6. Reinstall the two bolts.
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