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help: i modified my linkage to my c4 and still nothing

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i purchased a performer rpm kit from edelbrock. i also bought the kickdown linkage, then modified the linkage (welded an extension). when the throttle is pressed, it seems like the linkage is moving how it should to the auto C4.
i've adjusted the screw on the kickdown... still no "kickdown".
when i drive it manually, it shifts hard from first to 2nd, but when i shift to 3rd it slips into it. when i start in drive i can't even really tell when it's shifting.

please help my frustrations,
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I'm not an transmission expert but it sounds like the modulator isn't hooked up or isn't working. I have always adjusted the linkage so the kick down is fully extended at wide open. Modulator controls most shifting untill half to 2/3's throttle from there to wide open vacuum doesn't change much so you need kick down after that.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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