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Help me valve spring gurus!

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OK, this solid cam had better be good... cause its causing me to age rapidly. LOL
The next chapter in my cam swap saga continued shortly after I re-intstalled the heli-coiled crank / balancer. I installed the pan and flipped the motor over to start with the heads... I have to install my new comp 950-16 springs matched to my solid cam into my world JR heads. The retainers on my world JR heads were much too small for the wider comp springs... so I got the matching 740 steel retainers from Comp.
Next I went to see about keepers... and found that I need the 10 degree 11/32 keepers for my valves. Heres my "new" issue:
1. The keepers I can get come with either a recess or not. I have no idea what that means... is that in reference to the recess in the retainer or the valve???

2. I decided to look at spring installed hieghts. I know I have to install my new Comp springs at 1.90, but then I looked at my current springs specs that are in the heads now and they are installed at 1.81. So the question is, do I need new longer valves? Or how do I do this?

As you can tell, this is my first venture into the world of solid cams and changing springs....



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OK... talked to Comp and my head guy.
Looks like spring 987-16 will work... so no need to machine the valve pocket as this spring sits lower... however, I do have to machine the valve guide... so the heads are coming apart... but atleast thats pretty cheap.
As for push rods we'll have to see if my magnum pushrods at 6.900 will work!
Thanks for all the help!!!

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