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Help! oil pump shaft jammed

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Ok So I'm about the start my fresh 357w motor and I was checking the distributor alignment, I pulled the distributor out and it wouldn't go back in, so I looked down the hole and the oil pump drive is jammed against the side of the hole!!!

I can move it slightly with a screwdriver but it has tension that pulls it back to the side of the hole, any suggestions? I have gotten a socket on the shaft and turn it both ways but it's very stiff and doesn't want to come out.

I figure the shaft is bent, but i'm not sure what caused it, I guess the oil pump must have seized

anyone experienced this before?
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Can you spin the driveshaft with a drill using a socket and extension to confirm if the oil pump is working?When you say the shaft is very stiff and doesn't want to come out does this mean you don't have the collar on it so you can pull it out of the pump?.....The driveshaft in my 306 tends to lean to the back of the engine so installing the distributor is usually difficult with it.I usually drop the distributor in as far as it will go until it almost seated except for engaging the pump drive.If I bump the engine over the distributor will turn a little and then fall into place.
If its "springing' back towards the dist hole than id say that its bent or the oil pump isnt sitting correctly. If it was just flopping around then thats normal but you stated that pulls back to one side with tension
Id bite the bullet and pull the pan and verify that the shaft is still straight and not twisted and that the pump is still in good shape and not seized.
good luck, sounds like you need some.
Ok It wasn't bent but it pulled out of the oil pump when i pulled the distributor and then sat back down at and angle and got jammed!

5 hours of work and it's fixed with an ARP shaft
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