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HELP WHAT PISTONS WILL FIT on a 5.0 or 302 block with the longer 289 rods?

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Looks like I have to buy custom pistons for my Small Block Ford engine. SINCE I have to buy custom pistions I want to use my longer 289 rods, I am not attempting to build a stroker motor, I just want to know if there are pistons out there that will work?


the engine is a 1989 5.0 H.O. block

(the pistons should be forged {for the nitrous use!} and have large valve reliefs {for 2.02, 1.60 i suppose} they also need the piston pin located up closer to the piston face, does anyone know what i need?

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Do you have a 7.5 or a 8.8 rear? Unfortunately mine is only a 7.5. A good 8.8 will give you a limited slip advantage.
I can still turn the tires very easily. At a 60 mph kickdown I can get a chirp.
Original equipment 8 inch that came behind the 170cid I6
What year is your car? Mines a 1997. For my car I need between a '94-'98 rear. They have different lengths depending on yr. A junkyard should be able to tell you what yrs will fit your car. Here in Ga a 8.8 rear will go from $400 to maybe $450 depending on where you go.
Last post didn't take properly. Here's what you need.

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