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Help with project motor....

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I'm doing my first engine install on a project 91 LX 5.0. Being as green as I am, I'm asking the for build suggestions. I took my last Mustang to a "performance" shop for some can probably guess what happened after that.

So, I'm taking the plunge and doing this one myself. I'd like to create a torqey, tire-burning, streetlight-to-streetlight beast with a mild / moderate rumble at idle....The car is for fun, weekend driving only on local streets. I'm not looking for track times or top end power numbers.

My ignorance of motors shifts into O/D at this point. I'm thinking a 351W would be a good starting point....enough power without overkill. Are crate motors or long blocks suggested or starting with a short block the way to go?

What head, cam, intake, TB, etc would make a solid 351 that is drivable on the street and reliable. I don't mind paying for quality...I just don't want to waste money on overkill or more "performance" shops

Thanks everyone!!
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well if you with a 351 you'll have to change a few things
1. hood (taller deck height)
2. different headers
3. different distributor
etc etc

how much do you want to spend? if you want something close to 300 rear wheel HP, then stick with a 302 based motor
U can pick up a 306 or 347 long block for pretty good prices these days, and still have a nice reliable street machine with out spending too much
What's your opinion on starting with a 331 or 347 and possibly adding a mild kenne bell? I'm looking to get around 350-375 at the rear wheels....but low-end torque the most important. I'm looking to spend between 6-8,000, but that's not set in stone. If a 351 is better, the modifications to the hood, distributor....won't be a big problem.

I have heard so many stories of bad combinations of heads and cams, etc, etc that cost tons of money and just keeps losing HP or torque. I guess I'm trying to avoid a similar disaster.
oh and one more thing...youre going to keep it EFI or go carb?
I am building a 331 stroker for my Coupe right now. I started to go 351 but I did not want the excess weight. I had a Kenne Bell on it when it was a 302 (400 rwhp). It was useless. Just too much power. Yeah I could light the tires up in a big way but could not put the power to the ground and that was with a trick torque arm set up from Max. Motorsports. If I ran slicks I could do better but something will break if you are not setup for that abuse. So think carefully about the power you 'think' you want. If you can't put it on the grond it's useless. I am going with a normally aspirated 331 and plan on getting apprx 350 reliable rwhp that I can use. That's just my take on it. Good Luck. Also, I visited DSS racing recently. What an awesome facility and great product they offer. I think you would be better off buying from them. Good Luck!
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Is the weight difference noticable between the 302 and 351 for a street driver? I'm thinking of going carb this time since it will only be driven in the summer and not as a daily driver. It also seems easier to install and repair plus the cost is less than FI.

If the KB was too much for the 302, imagine what it would do to a 351 or 393!
i would keep the 302 and install a supercharger
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