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Help with rebuilt C4

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I have owned and driven as my primary vehicle a 77 Bronco since 1980. During that time I have rebuilt or replaced many engine, drive train and body parts. When my transmission died recently, I purchased a rebuilt C4 and converter. The installation went as expected but when I put it gear the first time... nothing happened. There is no indication that the transmission is engaging in any gear. With the engine running I can hear a clicking or rattling sound under the bell housing.

Before installation I flushed the cooling lines, primed the converter with 2qts of ATF, and the vacuum modulator seems to be working.

I suspect perhaps the wrong input shaft for the converter? or maybe a bad torque converter?

Any ideas?

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I'm not positive on the order of steps, but you do have to engage:
the input shaft splines
the one way convertor clutch splines over the pump snout
the convertor snout flats into the pump inner gear
I'm thinking that it is common to not engage the convertor snout into the pump gear and when you tighten the bell bolts you jam the snout into the gear, thus creating the need for a new pump.
The key is to assure that the convertor can slide back and fort a wee bit before you snug up the bell bolts or the flexplate bolts/nuts. At this point crawl under there and remove the flexplate bolts/nuts and see if you can get the convertor to move fore and aft. If not, she's bound up. Time to drop it and assess the damage, if any.
Ah well, sorry that happened.
I'd source everything locally. There is a convertor place here who can put a new snout (I know that is not the right term) on the convertor for a reasonable price and there is a place here called "Trans Parts Inc." that sells tranny parts new and from a large stock of parts trannies. When I upgraded some internals to C5 stuff I got them there. You probably can do the same where ever you are.
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