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I traded My 92 S10 daily driver for this....

100_1558.jpg 100_1563.jpg

Body pretty straight, no big rust holes. rear floor pans fixed already.

100_1564.jpg 100_1568.jpg

9 inch and a C-4 with SBF bell pattern.


interior not too bad, needs carpet, driver's side seat bottom needs some foam, headliner ok

this is what was in it when the p.o. was driving and it blew up.
a 1977 Bronco 250 with dished pistons.

The block and crank are both trash.

We figured this is what happened :
#6 rod bearing went out, gouging out the crank and then snapped that rod, which broke a 1/2" x 1/2" chunk out of the bottom of the #6 cylinder wall. then #4 piston cracked and the rod dug two, 1/8 inch deep ruts in both sides of the #4 cylinder wall.

Looking on CL now for just the right package deal... maybe a whole car with no title or real bad rust or wrecked and good power train for a few hundred bucks. Maybe someone doing a V8 swap and has a good 250 or 240 or 300, or swapped their 289/302 for a big block.

My son will put the big log head on his Falcon 170 after a trip to the machine shop. should be good for an extra 20-25 hp with his Weber DGV and DUI dizzy.

More coming soon...
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