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HERTZ Shelby GT-350H Magnum 500 Deluxe 14x6 wheels rims

You guys would give me the heads up if this sounds like an "on crack" price wouldn't you? I couldn't find any originals for sale to base a price on. Repros are almost $300 each. If your reading this then you know what these are and how hard it is to find a decent set. They need to go back where they belong.
Now for the wheels. I ran these on my 65 Galaxie. Time for a change. Chrome still good after almost fifty years of wipe downs. Centers are more polished than other Magnums and aren't beat up. Pictures show the fully welded backside profile, worst of the lug holes, rust in the painted areas and curbage.

14 x 6" with 3-9/16" back spacing.
225/70-14 rear, 215/70-14 fronts to enjoy burning off. Valve stems shot. I don't have the correct Hertz center caps, sorry. I ran the crossed flag Motor Wheel centers. Looked pretty good.
I'll gladly take extra photos if you need them. Thanks for looking. Wheels located in Lake Tahoe.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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