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Hey all - I'm trying to get my hands on the cable that goes FROM the Y connecter TO each side of the rear-end E-brake hookups (disc brakes). Does anyone know the heck I might get this?

Also, can anyone send me a pic of the front mounting arm that bolts to the inner fender well from each side of the radiator housing? Its the verticle arm with a bend in it - the bottom is mounted tho the front frame member, then it comes up, bends forward and sits flush against the verticle inside of the rad housing. A large bolt runs through it into the rad housing and through to the inner fender well. I have mine back together but there's a 1/2" gap between the rubber footing (thats part of the arm) and the underside of the rad housing at the bottom - I need to see if there's some kind of metal or rubber shim that goes between the footing on that arm and the underside of the rad housing. The front fenders look almost too low the way its sitting now and I have a feeling I'm missing something. Any help if nto a pic would be great. Thanks...

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