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My name is Tracy and I'm new to the forum. I own 2 1968 Torino GT coupes and am looking at buying a 3rd one. Although I have owned them for many years and used to show one in car shows, I didn't learn until recently (from a friend of mine who has many NICE classic cars) that I need to know about matching numbers. He told me to research it online or find a tutorial, which I have NOT had much success in doing. I'm sure my friend would help more but his 93 year old mother is in the hospital and he's busy for the next few days so I don't want to bother him and he gave me this to do for my homework.

I did find out about getting a Marti Report- I called them and discussed whether to get the Basic or more advanced report and she told me the basic would probably do but now that I have that report I wonder if I should have paid more to get the better one. My friend is going with me in the next week to see the car I want to buy and he wants to check the numbers but I'm not sure exactly what numbers to check when buying a car in order to negotiate the proper price. Will I just be checking the engine or lots of other things too like the transmission, differential, etc. and if so what all should be checked and WHERE do I find each of those numbers on a 1968 Torino GT coupe?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks so much!

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