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I have a 1971 Torino GT with Hideaways and the grill inserts need to be re-chromed. ( my center grill is new, it's just the doors that close over the headlights ) Does anyone know if this is something that I can do myself with spray or something ?? Has anyone had the same problem ?? You can't take it to have it chromed because they're plastic right ??

Any help ASAP would be appreciated. I only have a week to do this before a car show....

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You can have platic rechromed.
I cant think of the name of the place that does it, but they advertise in Hemmings Motor News, Classic MuscleCars, etc.
They rechrome plastic pieces for dashes, door panels, arm rests, door lock knobs, switches etc.

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Taken from another Forum

"There are services that will rechrome (actually vacuum metalize)
your dash plastic parts, like Mr. G's and Quicksilver and Chrometech.
However, if you have an airbrush, you can use a relatively new product
called Alclad Chrome. This is a two-part system being used by many of
the better model car builders to refinish old parts.

After stripping off the old chrome and wet-sanding the part, you
shoot it with a high-gloss black paint. After that's dry, you shoot the
chrome paint over it. It *must* be used with a black base. This turns
out very realistic, and not at all like the cheesy "Chrome" aerosol
paint you buy at the store.

Alclad has since released Ultra-Chrome, which I have not tried yet.
But if it's even better than their first stuff, I'll be doing
cartwheels. They also make several other airbrush finishes that
simulate polished aluminum, satin aluminum, brass, and a variety of
other stuff. The product line can be found in better hobby stores. If
they don't stock it, they can usually get it from their distributors.
Ebay vendors like "psfhobbies" also have these.

Finally, I might mention that some plating companies can actually
chrome plate plastic. That is, real metal is used on the part, like a
bumper. When you get it back it will weigh much more than the original,
but it will hold up to the environment that much better. It will also
clean out your wallet faster, but what the hell.

I hope this helps the resto guys a bit."

Credit to CJ

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