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Hood scoops

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I;m looking for a hood scoop for my 2005 convertable and I've narrowed the decision down to Classic Design Concepts hood with the built in turn signal indicators.
I was wondering if anyone has one of these and what their opinion is on the quality is on this product
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Still looking? I think you have to relocate the nozzles for the windshield wiper fluid for the CDC hood scoop. I'm waiting for the C/S hood scoop to come out. You know that will be a perfect fit!
I ordered a 69 cougar eliminator bolt on for mine(lower/wider boss429 looking thing) Will put some pics up if I ever get it, and get it mounted(shoulda been here last week). I'll relocate the washer nozzles too- at first I was thinking about hiding the sprayers right in the scoop, till I saw CDC'c car at Columbus- the nozzles on the wiper make sense, long as you dont mind poking holes, and they wont dribble on the hood anymore

CDC has nice stuff(picked up sequentials and my son just HAD to getthe painted pony) but I'm still a bit leery of 'sticking' something big as a hoodscoop on without at least a couple bolts...the factory mirror fell out of our windstar, that convinced me even OEM prepping may not insure it cant ever loosen and fly away...I'm kinda paranoid about something blowing off

I wanted the CDC shaker, but they were out of stock at the show- looking at the display unit, could see no way a roots blower would ever sit under opted for the wider eliminator scoop, going to try ducting from both rear corners for true CAI, and straddling a space for future blower. I'd read some guys mileage went from 26 hwy to 30 by only adding a shaker- if cold air does that, just gotta have it- and a little better power from a true cold air setup would be great too

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Looking forward to the pics of the scoop...
The dealer I bought my 05 from is trying to talk me into a shaker scoop. He says it really does shake with the motor. I think he quoted me something in the neighborhood of $1,000.00 for scoop. Gotta think about that one
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I think you can buy online still for 699- bring your own saw

to me the 05 only needs a couple things- shaker and sequentials shoulda been factory options, as they just seem proper on the car- the stock hood is awfully bland...the cervini cowl hood looks great, but the best Ive ever seen in person was the fang performance hood with shaker- has 1969 written all over it.

I *almost* ordered CDC's shaker, but then saw that upcoming magnacharger, and had second thoughts(wont fit under a shaker)...I just got #2 69 cougar eliminator scoop(old Ford OEM piece to replace a poor repop I got a month ago from mustang depot)...just got to wondering if the magnacharger will fit under the hood anyway? now I need to still sit and wait till the kit comes out to see if hood needs replaced- if so, this will go on my 69 i guess...unless its tall/long enough to cover a blower someday
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Here are a couple of pics of the hood scoop. While I was at it I put on a chin spoiler and a light bar, all from CDC.
That looks nice. Have you seen a pic of the CS6? It has an air extractor hood that looks good.
I have the MRT-Interceptor Hood scoop - it is BBBBADDDD. for pics.
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