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hot spots

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one of the clutch drums out of my c4 has some dark blue spots or lines around the outside surface will it be okay to reuse it? if not where can i find a place to buy one i have searched everywhere. thanks, wendell.
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That looks like it is the green dot valvebody.It should have the D1 + D2 on the shifter .There are no checkballs but i have marked the flat disc that is used as part of the accumulator circuit which is used to give smooth shift in 2nd gear.You can leave it out will firm the shifts as most shift kits do.
That drum,try cleaning it up with like 150 grit emery tape.If it comes up smooth i'd say use it.If the blue marks dont polish away or the heat marks are still visible or slightly raised i'd toss it.The other drum being later you will find is different on the inside diameter.Any doubts on the thrust washers just replace them.If you get stuck for parts try Jay @ .
I do have a diagram of that V.B i can scan if you need it....Greg
Here's a pic of the V.B. Your email just wont work for me,keeps returning...Greg

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