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I have been looking in past post to see what the deal is with swaping a 8.8 into a 65 falcon. I have an 8.8 with 3.55's out of an 88 F-150, and I was told the rear needed to be narrowed. How far? i gusee the stock width of the 8" in the falcon is 52"??? Myabe I need to not worry about it. The only thing that brought this to mind was me doing a brake job and relizing that I am going to have to put new axle seals on the thing, and thats no big deal, but I am about to start building a 408 stroker for it. I am sure swaping an 8" to an 8.8 is more than just bolt up. Just to recap with all my ramblings, I am wanting to know what it takes to put an 8.8 in my 65 falcon.


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