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how much HP will it make?? just guess.....

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410w hp guesstimate.....thanks

Victor heads CNC ported by TEA 280cc port, flow # @ .700 are 354 in & 285 ex....Jesel 1.8 shaft rockers, lunati cam
in278 ex287 @ .050 and in780 ex782
113 lobe sep....installed @109 Ported Super Victor Intake, Pro Systems 4150 Carb, Eagle 4340 Forged 4" crank, int balance with Eagle H beams and L-19 bolts, BRC flat tops 430 grams with top ring land down .25" compression 14.5 to 1
short block is half filled '74 block. Kooks 2" headers, 4 ich collectors and exhaust.....MSD distributor, MSD Digital Six ignition..

thanks guys....

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700+ totally off the top of my head.

Do you already have all the parts? If that were my project I would get an aftermarket block.

Do you have flow numbers at .750 and .800?
650+ FHP.
accually bought whole motor from a guy going to pick up this weekend...

I'll keep you guys posted and yes I'm looking at getting a dart block.....
as for flow #'s @ .700 or .800 I'm not sure.....

thanks Sherman
Yea I think you need a aftermarket block running the rpms that cam will want
or doweled spay caps.
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620- 660
Those heads are BAD ASS! You will definitely exceed 650HP with that combo...and probably rip the block in half

Brian Tooley's work is top should make power up to 7500rpm!! Your block is gonna beg like it's on welfare!

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600-700hp should be pretty easy with the head flow your showing.
jesus christ. you're the man with that combo. ill buy the motor off you for... 10 bucks?
I would guess between 700 and 750 if everything is matched correctly!
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