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How to ID GT40 heads?

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I just bought a pair of Ford Racing GT40 aluminum X305 heads from a dealer in USA. The stickers on the Ford Racing cardboard boxes says they are X305 (58cc) heads, but how can i really know they are? The heads have "X302" and "F3ZM" casted into them. According to the FRPP catalog X302 heads have a 64cc chamber ? Shouldn't these heads have a "X304" casting??

Boxes were unopened, so I doubt anyone switched them with other heads. Also there were no instructions included, should there not be any with this kind of parts??

Thanks, Jan
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Welcome! And, Good question... I'm sure someone has a book and will chime in sooner or later.

From the 2005 catalog:

M-6049-X302 is the GT40 64cc empty head.
M-6049-X303 is the GT40 64cc assembled head.
M-6049-X304 is the GT40 58cc empty head.
M-6049-X305 is the GT40 58cc assembled head.

From what I read elsewhere in this forum, the X302 empty head is the base casting for both the 64cc and the 58cc heads, but do they all have a "X302" casting number?

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I believe GT40 heads have 3 vertical lines cast in the front face of them (where the accessories bolt on), while the GT40P's have 4 lines.
These are the aluminum ones that ford racing sells, and they do not have the 3 lines (at leased I have never seen them on my set). I would just cc the heads to be sure.
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