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I found a local guy that said he has two 406 blocks for sale. one is a standard bore the other is a .030 over bore. I would like to know what is the best way to identify a 406. What are the possible casting numbers and where are they located. What is the best year of block to buy if there is one? Also he is asking $800 a piece is that a good price. If anyone has any information please let me know I want to know more.

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Early 406 blocks are
identified by the casting
number on the right-hand
side of the block. This is a
C2AE-J block. Notice the
"HP" cast near the casting
number along with the "DIF"
which means "Dearborn Iron
Although we associate the cross-bolted block design with the 427 to come later in 1963,
cross-bolted mains started with the 406. During severe duty conditions experienced at high rpms in
NASCAR racing, Ford quickly learned that the main bearing cap bolts had a tendency to work
loose, causing catastrophic engine failure. Cross-bolting #2, 3 and 4 main bearing caps solved this
problem and won Ford a few races. Identifying a 406 cross-bolt block is easy. Aside from the
obvious, the date code, look for the 4.13-inch bores and cross-bolted main caps/ bosses. The
bottom line here is the bottom line. Because 406 cross-bolt blocks are extremely rare, expect to pay
a very high price. Look for the C2AE-BD casting number.
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