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Hey guys, im hoping someone can answer this.

I bought an 86 mustang LX (the car was originally a six cylinder according to the VIN) that someone had swapped a carbureted small block ford V-8 into.

My question is, can I tell what year the engine is without tearing it apart? The engine is definately a small block ford v-8, but I dont know if its a 302, 289, or an early model 302 with nonroller cam.

The parts are kind of piece meal.

The intake's part number is C50E-9425-A which I understand comes from a 65 ford.

The distributor's part number is E42E-12131-AA. 84?

I havent been able to find any other external part numbers that I could use for identification purposes.

So can anyone point out how I could identify this engine without tearing it apart in the process? And also how to tell a roller cam 5.0 from an early small block ford?

Thanks in advance for any help!
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