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Might be the best deal you will ever come across to convert your car to hydroboost disc brakes, power steering etc.

This setup is still currently on my 1968 Falcon, but soon I am converting the car to an IFS with manual brakes and steering. It is mostly a drag car so I have decided to remove this system for weight/horsepower concerns. I worked hard on getting it put together and it has only been in service for about a year. I wanted to put it up for sale before I tear it apart so any potential local buyers can come and see it in action before I uninstall it all. The car is located in Littleton, Colorado.

I would like to sell it all as a package so will be resistant to piecing it out. It includes:

Hydroboost unit out of a '96-'98 ish mustang GT
Fabricated mounting bracket that will bolt to your ORIGINAL holes on the firewall (will have to drill out the threads on your lower holes where the screw in studs go.)
Proportioning valve from same donor car
Rebuilt SAGINAW (Read: not crappy ford) dual-return power steering pump
Aluminum March bracket for saginaw pump onto small-block Ford
March pulley for serpentine setup
Full set of custom-made hydraulic lines ($550 worth...ugh...have receipt) that can route neatly over your shock tower or on other side of inner fender like I have done.
In-line p/s filter and aluminum cooler
P/S Valve and basically the entire steering system. Steering box too if you want it.
Granada front disc rotors and calipers...pads still pretty new
1" lowering Grab-A-Track front coil springs
Upper and Lower control arms
1 1/8" Front Sway bar and all mounting hardware

Basically the hydroboost/PS system, front suspension and brakes. FYI my car was originally a manual brake car and the rod on the hydroboost unit worked PERFECTLY with the manual brake pedal. No cutting, lengthening, etc. It just worked. Even used the newer brake light switch.

There are many, many hours in getting this all together and working right. Lots of planning and scavenging goes into something like this. The pump housing is off a 1980 Chevy Tow truck that came from the factory with a hydroboost (hence the dual returns) and it just so happens that the clocking of this particular housing works PERFECTLY with the March bracket so the pump is perfectly up and down.

Also FYI, I am running the explorer rear disc brakes on this car, and the prop valve seems right. Can't say how it would respond to a car with rear drums.

The included pictures show the majority of the system. My car has a 351 Windsor and as you can see there is plenty of looks like it belongs on the car. The tall valve cover comes off easily.

Might want to go through the power steering valve...don't know the history because it was on the car when I bought it but for a little while there it wanted to turn itself to the left when cold.

Again the car is still 100% functional and put together at this time so if anyone local wants to come check it out you are more than welcome. We can take it out for a just don't get to drive my car. ;)

I should have all of this stuff off the car and ready to go in the next couple months. Hopefully not longer.

First $1k takes it all. Firm.

Calls, text or emails are ok.

(720) 232-5142
[email protected]

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