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I finally bought it! My first T-bird 1964 for $650

I just bought my first T-bird - 1964. Owner claims its' 8500 mileage is true and has not turned over. Engine certainly doesn't look like it turned over 100k yet . One day about 4 years ago, he went to turn it over and the engine was seized up and never check to see what the problem was, and just assumed it was a thrown rod. I am having it towed tomorrow and should know about the engine condition then. The leather seats are immaculate - just dirty. Car spent about 20 years in Hawaii. There is a link below with about 9 pics of the engine and interior.


The car has two rusted-through areas in weird spots like under the lip right above the spare tire (as seen in pic)+ right above the windshield trim on the driver side. No other rusted through areas I could find.

The floor pans seem good. The driver side pan does not seem as solid as the others - it has a little give to it, but no hole in it. The trunk pan is good. Body underneath looks pretty good too with minimal surface rust (at least visibly)

Here is a link to some pics of the engine and inside:

I also have a 1967 Galaxie with a 390 in great condition.

I guess I will be spending more time in the Thunderbird chat than in the Galaxie chat.

1964 Thunderbird has been my dream car since I was 10. 33 years later!!!

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Cool! Glad it wasn't too horrible! Guess what! TOMORROW I may be the Proud new owner of a 64 Bird ALSO. Of course these asshats want 4000 bucks for it but I'm going to trade my 62 Impala and my 68 Karmann ghia for it if I can.

Or sell them and buy it if I cant! I want it soooooooo bad! It's IDENTICAL the the one i bought for $525 bucks at age 18 an sold off 240 + months ago to pay for my divorce.

I am stoked and will put up pics when I can if I get it and it's not a total schitt bag.
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