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I finally got up the nerve

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almost 2 weeks ago, to go talk to Gene Winfield. Only took me a year! Don't have any numbers on repairs for the shotrod, kind of afraid to see it even if is just to straighten, replace and primer it. Even if it's way over what I might afford it was worth the time. What a person and what a place. He's like everyone has ever said except not sure if the quiet part was mentioned but with me around he didn't stand a chance anyway!

The best way to describe the place and people that work there is the hotrod kids place down the street where all the other kids hang out. Although there was only a couple of actual young guys there. Maybe 20s. Also it was like a visit to someone's backyard full of cool toys. I put some of the pics I took at this website if you wanted to check it out.

There is a pic of 2 little Metropolitans, one blue, one yellow. My last drive out there the little blue one was cut in half and beginning it's transformation into a Hotwheels car. When I got there I heard voices and had already noticed the blue one missing. When I get around the bus parked there, I saw the car and it had a 3 foot walkway through it and 2 guys sitting in lawn chairs in front of it "studying" their handywork. A funny sight to say the least!

I took more pics that day but don't have them on the website. One of them being a '32 Ford roadster that Gene built some time ago and it was bought and then taken back to Gene for some sprucing up. Like a cat, they keep coming back sometimes I guess!


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Great photo's Deb of Gene's place! Nice "Old School" Chopping, . By the way, did I miss it on whether he's going to fix your rocker panels.
Ohhh, sorry to see a 64 that has an age wrinkle. I remember when my Dad drove home the Brand New Gold Galaxie 500XL Convert. That was a great day, Mom used to drive us kids on the back roads of Illinois with the top down doing close to 80. Any frame damage? Do you have a door to replace the one that's on it? What parts do you need? Have you heard of Evans Autobody in SBDO? They do wonders on classic steel.
Missed the 64 Galaxy convert on Ebay. I may be way off, but I would think that the damage should be between 2500 - 3000 to get fixed. I'am still trying to figure out howyou got your car to drive sideways???
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