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I was thinking it would be useful to some if there was a photo gallery with a " tech " theme in mind. say for instance I need to order exhaust tubing but forgot what the underneath of my 65 fairlane looks like. the car is 60 miles away at my buddies shop currently. It would be cool if I could go to the 65 fairlane " exhaust " category in the photo section and see how a couple different 65 fairlane owners have their exhaust running underneath.

basically an organized " close-up" photo compilation of the guts of the different models cars. we could each donate a couple CLEAR photos we've snapped as we've torn into various parts of our cars in the past. it seems as if there is a ton of photos on FM but they are just scattered throughout differents threads in the forums.

what do you say
good idea or
too much extra work for the website admins and lots of storage/hosting space....

just wanted to throw that out there

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