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The carburetors are oriented correctly in the picture above, though obviously not fully bolted down or connected. Below are a couple of shots of my setup. The right side linkage and the cross piece are available from eBay and other sources for about $65-70. Just google ford tri power linkage and several will come up. Make sure you buy the ones for the FE series (390, 406, etc.) not the small block. Looks like you might already have all that, though. I think I had to clean mine up a little with a file so slides smooth and no burrs.

The dog leg part (to clear around the choke) is available online, too, but it's about $90 and I'm not paying that for a rod. I bought some steel rod (not aluminum, not all thread) from Ace, a couple of heim joints, cap screws, lock nuts and standoffs that look like I made from large roll pins, big enough for the cap screws to slide through. The gas pedal, Z bar on the firewall, and return spring are all from the original 4 barrel setup.

To make the rod, I mocked it up first with a coat hanger, to get the length and shape. Then I clamped the steel rod in a vice and made the bends with a hammer, taking care to keep them all in the same plane. :) I would lay the coat hanger on top as I went, to get the shape right. Then cut the ends so it was the right length, and used a die to thread both ends to match the threads in the heim joints.

This setup works really well. Smooth operation with no sticking, all 3 carbs get full throttle, and return easily. Obviously you can feel with your foot when the outboard carbs start to come in, but that's it.

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