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i have a dream .. that some day

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i will have transformed my stock '02 v6 mustang into a truly nice running and looking car

im just getting old enough to get a job and will be soon, and im trying to look for some nice things to put on my mustang.. i have some body ideas lined up, and one of them is a steeda-style front bumper...

the problem is i have a v6, and to put a steeda bumper on there would leave me with an empty hole on the front..

can anybody help me find a place to purchase foglights for an '02 v6 plz?
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If you go to VMP Tuning Inc justin the owner is a big v6 guy and sells not only great tunes, but he sells alot of v6 parts like he has his own v6 fog light kit with all ford oem parts wiring etc.... go check it out.
Here i found the exact page you need.

VMP Tuning - SCT Custom Ford & GM Tuning Dyno-tuning Mobile Dynojet 224xLC Flashers: 01-04 CLEAR GT Foglight Kit

this is the exact kit you need for your car.

Ps if you want to make that car fast i would highly look intoa trubo kit. Those motors can handle 450rwhp stock they are very tuff for some reason. I have a freind with a 94 base modle v6 we swapped the motor out for a 00 3.8 and added a twin turbo kit its making 400rwhp with 15psi wiht no other mods besides a tune from justin. And it was over heating. so there is another good 20rwhp to be had once he fixes his cooling problems.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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