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I need a good C4 rebuild manuel

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I'm afraid that my C4 is going to quit on me soon so I need to find a good manuel for my first transmission rebuild. What is a good manuel that is easy to understand?

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i have the ford factory manual scanned in, very detailed, 50 pages, and its about 50mb, so you'd need broadband if you want it, or just be patient with the dial up..
let me know if you want a copy anyway
kcuf Is this a open offer ? I'd like to have a copy.

Take Care
I used an ATSG manual, you can get them on ebay.
Thanks kcuf, I would really appreciate the manuel.
Kcuf i would like to get a copy of your ford manual. Have a cable connection so down load should not be too bad.
have several manuals but not this one, is the offer still good for this?
sorry for the delay guys, been away/sick and had the net off for a week in the middle as well, i replied to the pm's for requests on the manual, i shall either be sending them via or i will find some temporary web space to put it up to and just give you links.
Thanks a lot Kcuf, I really appreciate it.
Yes sir thanks
I still think the 1971 passenger car chiltons manual is among the best C4 rebuild guides out there. Ive got a couple of copies Ive bought off ebay for under $5 a piece. Theres gold in them thar hills!
I'm very interested in downloading this if you get it posted. The Haynes manual is leaving something to be desired. Thanks!
If you want to send it to me I have a place to host it pretty permanetly..
hey i would love a copy i have dsl so it should be fast
can you please send me a copy-I'm in the middle of a tear down and would like more info. Thanks for your help

[email protected]
Is there a Link?
My email is out of the question.
"t"o "t"he "t"op

I'd like a copy, sent a PM. I've another C4 rebuild manual scan in and willing to trade.
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