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I need someone near to an old Cadillac!

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I must have 7 BOLTS and washers off a cadillac between the 1954 and 1962 with the 390 motor...
Who can help me?

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When and what parts? I have stacks of them.

Be aware that the 390 came out in 59. I believe the 54 til 58 had a 365. Also the 429 came out in 64 until ?

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It will be a week or two before I can get them. The motors are 10 hours away. Try Dan at he is a good guy.
The motors are in Jefferson state in my families privite collection. Dan is in Springfield OR, just north of Eugene. I have an interview next week and am planning to pick up a motor the week after, but it depends if I get the job or not.
The site came up for me when I clicked the link.
I can get the number, but it will be a couple of days.
1 - 5 of 24 Posts
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